About us

We are Rosa and Wolfram and look forward to our guests. We are a Spanish / German couple and are happy to pass on our enthusiasm, experience and tips to our guests.


House rules

Dear guests, we warmly welcome you to our holiday property and wish you an eventful and relaxing stay. We would like to prepare the basis for carefree and impeccable days with our accommodation and we always try hard. So that this can always succeed, it is necessary that our guests accept and comply with the house rules. With your booking you accept our house rules, which are always part of our contract with the tenant. The person making the booking ensures that all fellow travelers also comply with the house rules. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time at the following telephone number: +49 (0) 172 1828542 This way we can quickly clarify any ambiguities.


1. Any objects that are in the holiday property may be used by the tenant. We kindly ask you to be considerate when it comes to the furnishings and equipment of our holiday property.

2. We ask for it and are very grateful if you wear slippers in the holiday property and take off street shoes in the entrance area.

3. All furniture of the interior may not be brought outside or moved. A Ummöbelierung is permitted in any way.

4. Settings on the heating or electronic devices in the holiday property may not be changed or reprogrammed without prior agreement with the landlord.

5. The beds are made upon arrival. Please remove the used bed linen when you leave and put them in the bathroom.

6. Any necessary cleaning of the holiday property during your stay will not be replaced by the final cleaning included in the price. Everything you need for normal cleaning is ready for you and should be used.

7. An initial supply of consumables such as toilet paper is available.

8. Smoking is not permitted in the entire building. To do this, please go to the terrace or garden area and use an ashtray. Completely cooled cigarette remains are disposed of in the residual waste. If there are burn marks or holes, the tenant will of course take over the repair costs and report this damage.

9. Make sure the rooms are adequately ventilated to prevent mold and odors.

10. During the agreed rental period, you assume responsibility for the rented holiday property. Always close all doors when leaving and always take the house key with you. We accept no liability for burglary or theft.

11. Supervise your children and please ensure that your “little ones” also adhere to the house rules. We accept no liability for personal injury.

12. Quiet times must be observed: 10:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m.

13. Parties are not allowed.

Pool (San Andres)

1. The pool is used at your own risk

2. Never leave children or non-swimmers unsupervised near the pool

3. Use the lockable gate to protect your children

4. Jumping from the edge of the pool is not allowed

5. Before bathing, please use the shower


1. Dishes, cutlery, pots and the like may only be returned to their storage places in a clean and dry condition.

2. Hot objects such as pots or pans should only be placed on tables and worktops with coasters.

3. Use a kitchen board as a base for cutting and chopping food.

4. We kindly ask you to leave the interior of the oven and the microwave clean. Cleaning agents are also available for the oven.

Terrace / balcony

1. The seat cushions for chairs and garden loungers should go into the room overnight and in rainy weather Vacation property can be taken.

2. Please retract the awning and the traffic light umbrella overnight and whenever the wind gets too strong.


1. You can park in the garage or in the selected parking spaces in front of the holiday property. The lessor assumes no liability for the vehicle parked in the parking lot and its contents.


1. If something should break or should be damaged, tell us about the damage please immediately and not only when you leave. We cannot accept any defects found after your departure.

2. The lessee is liable for major damage to the equipment. We take over all other small things, such as broken glasses or the like. Please let us know that something has broken.


1. Please never throw leftover food, waste or hygiene items in the toilet or other drains.

Your departure

1. Leave the holiday property in good condition, which includes:

• Empty the refrigerator and wipe dry

• Clean the dishes and put them back in their dry place

• Dispose of remaining food

• Clean the oven if necessary

• turn off electrical appliances (except the refrigerator)

• household waste into the appropriate bins dispose

• leave our holiday swept